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Papelbon………….I think I like it…Actually, I have no choice but to like it

After talking with/reading Captain Dan’s post I figured I needed to throw my two cents in on the signing of Papelbon. I’m still not over the loss against the Cardinals, nor will I be until the first pitch of 2012 is thrown. However, this signing has made get over the loss….for at least couple of days. Here are my feelings/questions that ran through my mind when I heard the news.

– Thought Number 1: FUCK!!!!!! MADSON WAS CHEAPER!!!!!!

True. Can’t argue that the Phillies overpaid for Papelbon. It’s hard to justify paying over $50 million for a guy who wont pitch more than 90 innings in any of the 4/5 seasons that he plays for the Phillies. However, RAJ is paying for the best. Mariano Rivera only has a couple of years left at the most and who else has had the success Papelbon has had? If you ask ANYONE who they think the top three closers in baseball are right now, 97% of them will say Mariano Rivera, Jonathan Papelbon..then they’ll go..ummm…uhhhh. (Insert Heath Bell, Neftali Feliz, Brian Wilson, Joakim Soria, “sexy” closer of the month). Point is, Papelbon is proven. When you think the best you think him or Rivera….not Ryan Madson.

– Follow up thought on the last sentence: BUT MADSON HAS BEEN ON THE PHILLIES FOREVER!!!!! HE WAS NASTY THE PAST TWO YEARS!!!

Once again, true. It will be very weird not having Ryan Madson on the Phillies since he has been on the team for the past 9 years. But once again with this new winning mentality that has taken over Philadelphia, we want and have been getting “The Best” players in baseball. Could Ryan Madson be better over the next four years? Possibly. Both players will be 31 going into next season, but again I throw around the PROVEN word. I’ll take the guy who’s been closing for six years versus the guy who’s been doing it for under a year.


Pictue Evidence Below.


– Thought Number 3: I NEED to like this deal.

The bottom line is that Jonathan Papelbon is the Phillies closer. I’ve been asked by at least 10 different people how I feel about the signing and my response has always been the same, “I like it”. Of course I was angry when I first heard the Phillies were letting Madson go and replacing him with Papelbon for a bagillion dollars, but gradually Papelbon grew on me. Could he be a cancer in the clubhouse? Yes. Can I overcome his douche-bag attitude?…Hopefully. But either way he’s a Phillie. One of the best closers to ever pitch is on the Phillies……and I’m okay with that…Just as long as he doesn’t suck.

One response to “Papelbon………….I think I like it…Actually, I have no choice but to like it

  1. toosoxy November 15, 2011 at 8:21 AM

    he’s not a douche! he’s hilarious. you will come to see this. trust me.

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