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NFL Picks: Week 11

Due to large gambling losses thanks to bettr.com and the great town of Atlantic City, these picks are gonna be quickies, because I officially have no clue what I’m doing when it comes to betting on sporting events.

Last Week
Spread:  6-10
Straight up: 6-10

Spread: 71-68-7
Straight up: 96-50

NY Jets (-6) Denver

Once again, this is your quarterback New York Jets fans. After losing all my bets because of Marky Marky I looked at this picture and realized how retarded I was to trust this man. Jets 23 Broncos 10

Cincinnati (+7) Baltimore

No Ray Lewis!!!!?!!?!?! The Ravens without Ray Lewis feels realllllll weird. I don’t trust em. Bengals 24 Ravens 18

Oakland (PK) Minnesota

Old shitty QB versus young shitty QB. No Run DMC makes me a bit nervous, but they did look decent against the Chargers and have had a lot of time off while Minnesota is coming off a short week after a brutal tit ripping against the Pack. Raiders 32 Vikings 17

Jacksonville (+1) Cleveland

I feel like I write it every week, but fuck you Peyton Hillis. The Jags defense will once again eat another team alive. Jaguars 20 Browns 6

Carolina (+7) Detroit

The poor Lions need to win this game. They got their tits peeled off by the Bears last week and have four tough games remaining on their schedule. Sadly, the Lions could wind up with a very Lions-ish record by the end of the year. Lions 34 Panthers 24

Tampa Bay (+14) Green Bay

One step closer to being perfect. Packers 37 Bucs 14

Buffalo (+1.5) Miami

Remember when sucking for luck was the cool thing to do???? Now I want to have a better record then the Eagles. And maybe the Jets with the way they are playing. That would be more fun that having a franchise quarterback for the next 15 years…right? RIGHT? Ugh….I hate sports. Dolphins 24 Bills 17

Dallas (-7.5) Washington

Dallas is the NFC version of the Ravens. On any given Sunday (great movie) you can get good Cowboys or bad Cowboys. The Redskins? Yeah they are never, ever good. Cowboys 38 Redskins 16

Arizona (+9.5) San Francisco

As I write this I just missed the over/under on the Oklahoma State game by 1/2 a point. I’m not happy. Things may get worse from here on. 49ers 31 Cardinals 20

Seattle (+3) St. Louis

Does anyone in the world care about this game? Seahawks 24 Rams 17

Tennessee (+6) Atlanta

My survivor pick for the week. This means that if you bet on games, bet your soul on Tennessee, with my track record I’m sure they’ll pull an upset. Falcons 26 Titans 22

San Diego (+3.5) Chicago

Battle of the cry babies! Bears 31 Chargers 19


Philadelphia (+4.5) NY Giants

Hmmmmmmmm. Last time the Eagles starting QB got hurt they trotted out an athletic, black, publicly ridiculed quarterback onto the field. He’s done pretty well for them. They’ll do that again this week with Vince Young. If he completes a couple passes they’ll probably give him a 6 year, $100 million dollar deal. Poor Eagles fans. Giants 27 Eagles 14

Kansas City (+14.5) New England 

Odds of Tyler Palko having more yards than Tom Brady???? I’m setting it at 5,000,000-1. Does anyone even know who Tyler Palko is? He did play for the Montreal Alouettes which must have the Patriots defense shaking in their boots. Patriots 39 Chiefs 20

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