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NFL Picks: Week 12

No more turkey until next year. I am still disappointed with my performance, only two plates? Really Tim? Ugh. On to the picks.

Buffalo (+9.5) NY Jets

I blew up and picked the Jets in survivor this week which means there’s a 98% chance they lose. If Mark Sanchez throws another pick he should be taken out behind the barn. I hate him. However, the Bills are a train wreck and with Freddy Jax dead they don’t have a prayer against a pissed off Jets team. Jets 23 Bills 13

Cleveland (+7.5) Cincinnati

::insert weekly why the hell did I draft Peyton Hillis saying here:: Bengals 27 Browns 10

Carolina (-3.5) Indianapolis

Cam Newton really doesn’t like losing. He had a great quote about his thoughts on the Lions game.

“I think we put on a clinic on how to lose a game”

Now if that doesn’t seem like an upset/confused man then I don’t know what does. Welcome to the NFL Cammy, you don’t get to play Youngstown State anymore, every game in the NFL is tough….. Unless your playing the Colts. Panthers 34 Colts 13

Minnesota (+9.5) Atlanta

It’s getting real close to Sunday, speed picks!!! Falcons 24 Vikings 10

Houston (-6.5) Jacksonville

Arian Foster. All day. Texans 20 Jags 10

Arizona (+2.5) St. Louis

Mr. Skelton, you are a terrible, terrible quarterback. Rams 19 Cardinals 12

Tampa Bay (+3) Tennessee

Here's a great idea, let's give this man millions of dollars!!!!

Will Chris Johnson’s move one yard forward and fall over tactic work this week???!?!?? I think it will! Titans 24 Bucs 13 

Chicago (+3.5) Oakland

I’ll guarantee you one thing, whoever the QB is for Bears cannot possibly look as upset as Jay Cutler does during a game. Raiders 23 Bears 9

Washington (+3.5) Seattle

Sexy Rexy is back in the buildin!!!! Skins 13 Seahawks 10

Denver (+5.5) San Diego

I mean…….he has to lose at some point….Right? Here ya go I’ll jinx it. Broncos 19 Chargers 17

New England (-3.5) Philadelphia

Tom Brady. Soooooooo sexy. Pats 35 Eagles 16

Pittsburgh (-10.5) Kansas City

Tyler Palko. Notttttt too good. Steelers 41 Chiefs 10

NY Giants (+7) New Orleans 

Eli, Eli, Eli. Good game last week. Thanks for continuing my “Fuck New York Sports” campaign. Saints 37 Giants 24

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