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Sports Day, USA

This week has crazy potential for myself. Sort of like the New York Giants rolling into the playoffs, I’m firing on all cylinders. I had a gross week at work making money (I bartend, so I don’t actually make money. It would be dope to work at a Minting station.. Minting factory? I don’t know, to literally make money), and now I get to enjoy my two days off filled with sports sports SPORTS! This week will significantly decide the next month and a half of sports for myself, and whether you get Joe the Positive, Insightful Blogger, or Joe the Pessimistic, Downtrodden Blogger.

One Joe's medication is another Joe's celebration

It all starts today at 2:55 PM as my beloved Chelsea Blues take on Napoli in the second round of the the Champions League. It’s been a whirlwind season for the Blues, and as of right now they won’t qualify for the Tournament of Tournaments next year if they don’t pick up the points in their regular season, so today could be the last time they take on European competition for over a year. Napoli holds a 3-1 aggregate edge, but the Blues secured that all important away goal, so a 2-0 win at home and the good guys are on to the round of 8. If anyone in Fairfield County is reading this and lucky enough to have today off, I’ll be a Brennan’s Shebeen in Bridgeport, I’ll buy you a round.

But while the Blues are special to me in ways only a British man could be, today marks the most important 3 game road trip of the Colorado Avalanches lives (this season.) Starting in Buffalo tonight, the Avs are getting into the home stretch, with only 11 games remaining. Stuck in a logjam of Pacific Division teams and those damn Cal-Gary Flames for the final two spots in the Western Conference, if the Avs can get 4 or 5 points out of the next 3 games (out of a possible 6 points), they will do well on themselves to hold tight that final spot. As of right now the Avs are tied for 8th, but Colorado holds the benefit of not playing any of the teams they are fighting, so all they can do is win baby.

While tonight’s game against Buffalo should be entertaining, it’s the next two games the Avs really have to win. I’ll be attending the Thursday night game in New Jersey (possibly alone…. ladies?) and then the Saturday night game in NYC against the New York Rangers. Yup, on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s going to be a shit show. Quite literally too, because the Rags are one of the best teams in the league and haven’t really cooled off since the Winter Classic. While I foresee wins tonight and tomorrow, the game on Saturday could really go a number of ways. A hard fought, 3-2 Avs win. A 7-1 Rags blow out. A 1-0 sleeper of a shootout in which Ninja Spider (Semyon Varlamov) solidifies himself as “worth a 1st and 2nd round draft pick.”

This is what you get when you Google Image Search "Ninja Spider." Jesus, the things I do for you guys. I'm going to go pick up my balls now.

If this week goes badly, and Chelsea gets knocked out and the Avs stink up the joint (I really want one win out of the two games I’m going to, OK Ryan O’Reilly?) then the next month looks very bleak. You’ll be dealing with depressing, morbid Joe, writing about the Rangers playoffs hopes and why Bryzgalov won’t backstop the Flyers out of the first round. I’ll literally be stuck watching two sports teams in limbo. Both once held in high prestige, the teams will be looking to reclaim their glory, a quest that will seemingly be started too late and have to carry over to next year.  And then I’ve got to watch a summer of Fish baseball.

So let’s have a good sports day today guys. It’s fucking gorgeous out, so watch the soccer match outside (at a bar.) Also, I think some sort of basketball tournament starts tomorrow, or today or yesterday so that could be fun to.

UPDATE: Matt Duchene, previously thought to be out for a least another 2 weeks, will be skating and playing this Thursday in NJ.  So yeah, it’s totally cool to do shots at work right now guys. Your boss is a cool dude, he’ll understand.

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