90 on 95

Sports, rumors, and humor from the Ben Franklin to the George Washington

We’re Getting the Band Back Together

We're on a mission from god.

We’re on a mission from god.


For some reason the beer flowed extra strong on Friday, Glory Days was bumping over the bar speakers, and the brain trust inner circle of 90on95 decided to get back together (and no, the word brain should have no association with any of us). The whole thing reminded me of Bruce Springsteen singing about that guy who used to be able to throw that fastball by you. But, the next morning I woke up to this prediction by TimmyP, and god damn did he hit the nail on the head. I couldn’t help but think that this dog could still hunt. The wheels started spinning a little bit, and here we are, getting the band back together.

It’s been about a year since I’ve even thought about posting anything (I was riding a one-year high from predicting Eli’s second Super Bowl party) and I’ve felt pretty good about predicting within two points of the second happiest sports result of my life. Anyway, like Jordan wearing the 45 (mainly just because I suck at baseball), it’s time to dust-off the old keyboard and get back to talking about the funny, odd moments of sports.

We’re not on a mission backed by god to save the Catholic orphanage from foreclosure, but we can still manage to piss off and piss on everyone from the Good Ole Boys to the Illinois Nazi Party by bringing you all the sports, rumors, and humor from the Ben Franklin to the George Washington.

Hit it

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