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After reading that the great Joseph Auger actually thinks that the shitty Notre Dame Fighting Irish  have a chance tonight I figured I’d throw my two cents in. Fair warning I haven’t written more than 2 paragraphs in about a year so there’s a 97.2% chance this is real messy…Like this picture…

Tell me this doesn’t make you feel confident in Alabama

I’d love to see Notre Dame win this game. It would be a cute cinderella story, I fucking hate Alabama and most importantly I would love nothing more than to see Nick Saban really disappointed. I’ll never forget that Nick Saban absolutely raped my beloved Dolphins by attempting to be an NFL coach for two god awful seasons. Saban then decided to bolt for Bama where he turned them into an absolute powerhouse. Cool Nick, thanks.

As far as this game goes I think Alabama has an advantage in every aspect. Alabama has been here before and Notre Dame is relatively new to the whole “being good” thing. This is their first time being decent since 2006 when the great fat wonder known as Charlie Weis led them to a 10-3 record. Since that season they’ve gone….3-9…7-6…6-6…8-5…8-5. Really, really mediocre. Alabama meanwhile has gone 55-12 in the past 5 seasons. Sure Notre Dame went 12-0 this season but they beat at best 2 good teams, Stanford at home and an incredibly mediocre Oklahoma team. They also nearly lost to Pittsburgh and Purdue, teams which Alabama would probably beat by 30.

Despite all the hype about Notre Dame, Albama should win pretty easily. They have a better offense than Notre Dame has seen all year and have faced a much tougher schedule. Their only loss came to the great Johnny Football and their only other real close games came against a really good Georgia team and LSU both teams who would easily beat Notre Dame as well. Their only like opponent was Michigan who they both beat, Notre Dame 13-6 and Alabama 41-14. My only real fear of this game is that A. Manti Te’o is an absolute freak who could easily kill an Alabama player and that B. AJ McCarron cried after beating LSU.

Not the most confident face I’ve ever seen

 While a lot of people are picking Notre Dame I just really don’t see it. I guess people like being trendy. Alabama has more experience and an absolute freak one-two punch at running back with Lacey and Yeldon, I think they will go crazy especially Yeldon who is an absolute machine. Notre Dame’s only real strength is their defense, but going against an offensive line like Alabama’s is going to be a challenge.

Well I’m going to go paint an elephant on my tits, Roll Tide!

Alabama (-9) 24
Notre Dame 13

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