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Saturday Quickie

Timmy P has not graced this wonderful website with any NFL picks since the Super Bowl last year so I figured I’d throw some quick picks at you. Anyone that was looking for my wizard-like advice for this season I apologize. I really didn’t keep track of my record this year, but based on my account balance at betbigcity.com (Yes, that is a real place) I think my record this year wasn’t pretty. Here’s some picks.

DENVER (-9) Baltimore

New England versus Denver next week will be a real treat. Unfortunately there are two really mediocre teams standing in the way of this dream matchup. Baltimore has the “our best player in franchise history is retiring as soon as we lose” factor going for them, but they also have this man leading their offensive charge.

Ray Lewis is one of my favorite players to every play the game of football. He’s one of the best linebackers to ever play and an even better leader/motivational speaker. He probably has at least 34 offers from southern churches to become their next leader in prayer. The Ravens defense is much healthier than they were during their 34-17 beat down the Broncos handed them last month. In that matchup they had a third-string linebacker playing in place of Ray Lewis who was on the field for every single play against the Manning led offense. I’ll take Ray Lewis with a bionic arm over that guy. Editor note: Since I’m my own editor I guess it’s just a note: too lazy to look up guys name. if you really care do it on your own. Thanks.

The only other thing that scares me is the silly stat that Peyton Manning is 0-3 in the playoffs when the temperature dips below 35 degrees. Gay stat, I refuse to acknowledge it…..but if the Broncos lose I guess Peyton really does hate the cold.

I think Demaryius Thomas and New Jersey’s finest Knowshon Moreno are going to have big days and that Von Miller will have a minimum of 2 sacks. Peyton will break his stupid outdoor playoff losing streak and the Broncos will roll.

Broncos 30 Ravens 14

Packers – Niners after the jump

Green Bay (+3) SAN FRANCISCO

Love, love, love, love the Packers in this spot. I’m directly stealing this from the Bill Simmons mailbag I read last night, but probably the coolest throwback “I’ll see you down the road to murder your Super Bowl dreams” video ever.

Aaron Rodgers is still arguably the best quarterback in the football. He won a lot of games this year without his two best wide receivers (Nelson, Jennings), a Tight End who doesn’t like him (Finley) about 15 different running backs all who are god awful, and lastly a defense missing it’s two best players for an extended period of time (Woodson, Matthews). Pretty impressive.

San Francisco on the other hand is like a Jekyll and Hyde act. They went to New England and dismantled the team everyone thought was the best in the NFL. They followed that up by losing by nearly 30 at Seattle and barley edging out the Cardinals in their final game. After a bye week what kind of team will show up?

I see it going two ways. They both involve the indian looking quarterback with a million tattoos. He’s either going to rush for 200 yards, play like a man with his hair on fire and carry his team to victory….Or he’s going to look like he’s never played a game before, be incredibly rattled, throw a couple pick sixes and be benched midway through the third quarter. Since taking over for Alex Smith, Kaepernick has started eight games and gone 5-2. He has wins over the Saints and Patriots but also struggled at home against the Dolphins and Cardinals. When your struggling against the Dolphins I worry.

I think Rodgers may throw 60 passes in this game due to their lack of a running game, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Rodgers is a machine and will have a huge day. I also think Kaepernick is due for a letdown. Another big factor is a young QB going against a veteran coaching staff/defense. I think he’ll struggle (famous last words).

Packers 27 49ers 17


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