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Super Bowl 47 Prediction

Is it sad that for the past week or so everyday when I wake up the first thing I think about is who is going to win the Super Bowl? Is it even worse that every day I change my mind on who I think is going to win? Honestly if it wasn’t for gambling I really wouldn’t care about this game. Sure watching the game is fun, but really all I want to do is win a quarter in my grid pool, get a bunch of stupid questionnaire questions correct and hope that I win money on my bets…….of course eating an obscene amount of food and drinking lots of beer also makes the day worth while. I’ve tried to read literally every single article written about this game in some sort of attempt to gain some knowledge on who will win and in turn have me win some money on it….Here’s some cool shit I found:

– There’s two brothers coaching against each other!!!!! WOW I didn’t know that!!!!! Side note though…Jim Harbaugh needs a wardrobe advisor (did I just make that job title up?). I’ve watched a lot of coverage, pretty sure Jim Harbaugh sleeps in this outfit….IT HAS TO BE THE ONLY OUTFIT HE OWNS!!!!! Can I bet that he wears a black shirt and has a red sharpie hanging from his neck?!?!? Hell I’d take -1500 that is what he wears on Super Bowl Sunday. Maybe he’ll follow the BB strategy and just rock a hoody, think that would throw the Ravens off?!?!?!

– The Niners are 22-0-1 in their last 23 games when scoring at least 20 points. Under Harbaugh they have lost only one game when they have scored 20+. That’s really good.

– People love to talk about Ray Lewis killing people.

– The 49ers are 5-0 in Super Bowls. They were 18.5 point favorites. Yes, 18.5, against the Chargers in Super Bowl 29. They won that game by 23.

– In week 13 The Ravens lost to the Steelers. Not a huge shocker. However, the game was in Baltimore and Charlie Batch was the starting QB for the Steelers. Yes, 38 year old Charlie Batch. On the bright side they did beat Byron Leftwich in Week 11. AFC North football!

A team that’s playing in the Super Bowl lost to a 38-year-old who has the mobility of a Walrus. Really?

– Colin Kaepernick has cool looking tattoos on his arms.

– Joe Flacco has a cool unibrowish style of eyebrows.

On Paper I think it’s pretty clear the 49ers are the better team. However the Ravens are coming off two straight games which approximately 17 people in the United States thought they’d win, so they do have a bit of momentum on their side. Any team that can go to Denver and beat Peyton then go to New England and beat Tom Brady has to be respected. Joe Flacco is playing out of his mind and the fact that Ray Lewis is playing his last career NFL game and will clearly be lathering deer antler spray all over his body has to help their chances. After beating the Broncos you could tell they went to New England with the “well we got lucky as fuck in Denver we are free rolling from here on out” attitude. It’ll be interesting to see how they stop a run first team after facing three straight teams who are predominately all passing. I also can’t get over how unbelievably lucky the Ravens are to be in this position. Sure the whole ending of the Broncos game was wild but people forget this play against the Chargers, a game the Ravens couldn’t afford to lose…

Lots of funky things have happened to the Ravens which scares me a bit, but I am picking the 49ers to win because their offense has too many weapons and can beat you in so many different ways. The teams the Ravens have beaten in the playoffs are very traditional drop back pass style of offenses, the 49ers are certainly different. They struggled against RG3 in Week 14 allowing the Skins offense to gain over 420 total yards (although Haloti Ngata did nearly knock his leg clear off his body). But, much like RG3, Kaepernick has proven he’s the real deal despite starting less than 15 games in his NFL career. The fact that he led a comeback in Atlanta down 17-0 shows this guy knows what the hell he’s doing. With all his weapons on offense they will give the Ravens defense (which has not played well) lots of issues. I think Vernon Davis is going to torch the Ravens slow linebacking corps and that the Ravens secondary is going to struggle covering him, Moss and Crabtree all night. Mix in the complexity of the 49ers rushing attack and I think it could be a long night for the Ravens defense. On the other side of the ball the 49ers boast arguably the best defense in the league. They allowed the 4th least amount of yards per game in both passing and rushing and allowed just 17 PPG. Sure they were beat up a bit in the last two rounds of the playoffs but expect a healthier defense to be a bit more troublesome for the Ravens.

It’s hard for me to back a team that lost to Charlie Batch, needed a 29 yard fourth down conversion to beat the Chargers, a 70 yard hail mary to beat the Broncos, and who has a defense that struggles to stop the run.

Side Note: Bye Ray Lewis. You may have killed a person, had like 32 kids with 31 women, and said God’s name more times than any man ever born, but you also are one of the best linebackers to ever play the game of football. If the Ravens do win the game at least I’ll get to hear a speech with 250 God/Jesus references and see the weirdest/most awkward dance ever done by an athlete.

San Francisco 49ers 27 Baltimore Ravens 17

MVP: Vernon Davis. 7 Catches 124 yards. 2 TD.

LVP: Ray Rice. 12 carries, 31 yards. 

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