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Holy Shit It’s Almost Baseball Season: 5 Phillies Questions

So I haven’t written a word on this site since my tremendous Super Bowl Preview. While it may have been a greatly crafted article, my prediction was not so great. That post was done over a month ago and after some encouragement from Captain Dan  I realized it’s time to get back to work.

Last recap why I haven’t written anything:

– For the most part I spent all my time watching all five seasons of the Wire. If you haven’t watched it get the fuck on that. Amazingly good.

Oh shit it's Omar

– I slept.

– I drank.

– I drove to work and talked to people about how amazing the iPhone was for 9 hours a day.

– I tried to talk myself into believing the Sixers actually had a chance at making a run into the playoffs. Then I realized they’d have to beat the Heat and/or Bulls. Waste of my time.

Beaker. He's managed to make Sam Bowie look like the greatest #2 pick ever.

– Lastly I’ve watched the Devils (Yes, hockey is still a sport in this country). They’ve been good/bad/good/bad/good/good/bad/bad/good. I don’t know what the hell to expect from them, but I think they are kinda good.

Despite all this excitement in my amazing life, I’m looking forward to a month from now. Sure I’ll still sleep, drink, and talk about the iPhone, but Phillies baseball will finally be back. THANK YOU GOD. Sure I love watching the Sixers and sure I think the Devils are decent, but honestly life without baseball is very, very depressing.

I’ll jump right into the Phillies since I really don’t give a fuck any other team in the MLB.

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A-Rod Just GETS it

Gotta Love that Yankee Mystique


I wonder if Alex requested his picture taken in a bathroom.  He probably feels comfortable in a men’s bathroom wearing his snazzy Yankee uniform snapping pics.  I bet he brought his own photographer to accentuate his frosted tips.  Jesus, that would almost be as pretentious as bringing your own food to a restaurant and asking them to heat it up for you.  Which he also did.

This picture is just TOOO good not to use

The 2012 Florida Marlins: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb

Before this offseason, I was all but set to abandon my beloved Florida Marlins (from now on referred to as The Fish.) Another season of inexplicable mediocrity, untimely injuries, and WTF managing (I love me some Jack McKeon, but WTF) mixed with the complete identity change to the fabulously flamboyant Miami Marlins was more than enough to send me to the curb. Add in the fact that I am generally disintrested in baseball (NEEDS MOAR STEROIDS) and things were looking bleak for the following season, and I was all but ready to hand in my sabbatical papers. Then, almost over night, the Fish had me hooked.

Official baseball team of TomorrowLand

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Papelbon………….I think I like it…Actually, I have no choice but to like it

After talking with/reading Captain Dan’s post I figured I needed to throw my two cents in on the signing of Papelbon. I’m still not over the loss against the Cardinals, nor will I be until the first pitch of 2012 is thrown. However, this signing has made get over the loss….for at least couple of days. Here are my feelings/questions that ran through my mind when I heard the news.

– Thought Number 1: FUCK!!!!!! MADSON WAS CHEAPER!!!!!!

True. Can’t argue that the Phillies overpaid for Papelbon. It’s hard to justify paying over $50 million for a guy who wont pitch more than 90 innings in any of the 4/5 seasons that he plays for the Phillies. However, RAJ is paying for the best. Mariano Rivera only has a couple of years left at the most and who else has had the success Papelbon has had? If you ask ANYONE who they think the top three closers in baseball are right now, 97% of them will say Mariano Rivera, Jonathan Papelbon..then they’ll go..ummm…uhhhh. (Insert Heath Bell, Neftali Feliz, Brian Wilson, Joakim Soria, “sexy” closer of the month). Point is, Papelbon is proven. When you think the best you think him or Rivera….not Ryan Madson.

– Follow up thought on the last sentence: BUT MADSON HAS BEEN ON THE PHILLIES FOREVER!!!!! HE WAS NASTY THE PAST TWO YEARS!!!

Once again, true. It will be very weird not having Ryan Madson on the Phillies since he has been on the team for the past 9 years. But once again with this new winning mentality that has taken over Philadelphia, we want and have been getting “The Best” players in baseball. Could Ryan Madson be better over the next four years? Possibly. Both players will be 31 going into next season, but again I throw around the PROVEN word. I’ll take the guy who’s been closing for six years versus the guy who’s been doing it for under a year.


Pictue Evidence Below.

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Game 5

As I watched Alex Rodriguez strike out to close the book on the Yankess 2011 campaign last night, i felt a eerie sense of caution.  Normally i would have howled with delight that my least favorite player had just blown the season (twice…K with the bases loaded a few innings before).  Normally I would be giving faux masturbatory motions towards all Yankee fans within 5 miles.  Normally I would have sent arrogant text messages to all of my Yankee fan friends illuminating that the reason A-Rod failed was because he missed Kate Hudson and her strap on.  This didn’t happen though for a variety of reasons.  The most important being that I am a nervous wreck.

"Yeah we dont know what you were thinking either Penny Lane"

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Wow. What a night for both the Phillies and the Yankees. Can’t really put into words how nervous both the collective fan bases were last night, but I had at least 2 and a half heart attacks I think. AJ Burnett? Props. Benny Fresh? You sly dog.

"Um Benny Fresh on the podium? Is the world ending?"

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Phillies vs Cardinals (Quick preview because I’m too nervous/excited)

From day one of the 2011 season it was clear the Philadelphia Phillies were going to do something special this season. Winning 102 games. Cool. Winning the NL East with 12 games remaining? Damn. This has been a storybook season for the Phillies and their fans, but it will mean absolutely nothing if there isn’t a parade traveling down Broad Street come late October.

When was the last time the Phillies played a meaningful game? June? April? This whole season has felt like a preparation for October, including a lot of meaningless baseball. But these games now mean something. Gone are the games where you can have 15 beers, 3 schmitters, and two plates of Bull’s BBQ. Now I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat having that near heart attack feeling for each game.

There isn’t much more to be said about this team. They all know what needs to be done. I still have the sight of fat Juan Uribe rounding the bases and Ryan Howard standing at home plate frozen after watching Brian Wilson’s cutter fly by him. But today those memories go away and it’s time to rip some tits. Let’s Fucking Go Phillies.

Here We Go (again)

Hopefully Girardi will be wearing the number 29 next year

Here we go again.  Another October for all the marbles.  Baseball playoffs.  Hockey season firing up.  Football getting into swing.  What more can a guy ask for?

The Yankees face the supposedly untouchable Justin Verlander tonight.  Yesterday ESPN NY writer Wallace Matthews said that it’s safe to assume the Yankees will lose because Verlander won 96% of his starts this year.  When I double checked the numbers, Verlander won 24 out of 39 starts- a hardly untouchable 62%.  I Tweeted him and he responded saying that if he was a math major he’d be doing something else and that he meant 96% of his decisions.  Only problem is Verlander has only won 82% of his decisions.

Verlander is a great pitcher, but he’s set to face another great pitcher in CC Sabathia.  Yanks need to get the bats going, and they need their aging stars to produce.  This is going to be Posada’s last post season in pinstripes, and I’m expecting him to go out with a bang.  The Yanks path to championship number 28 starts now.  Yankees win game 1 5-4.

***UPDATE***  Wallace Matthews just tweeted me back and said we’re cool and that he made a mistake and should be called for it.  Very respectable.  GO YANKS

The Daily Drive “The Day The Earth Didnt Stand Still”

The Daily Drive is a daily (duh) post of all the prominent things going on in the sports world we didn’t cover, and anything else we might want to share with you.  Earthquakes are so 2010.


-So lets get this right out of the way.  An Earthquake hit Virgina today.  The world moved on.


-The NY Football Giants already depleted secondary lost yet another CB today.  After losing impact player Terrell Thomas last night to a torn ACL, they lost CB Brian Witherspoon to a torn ACL as well.  Somehow Papa Bear seems to think that this will not effect the Giants at all.  He won’t give me any facts to support this argument (or words on this site for that matter (Shots Fired Shots Fired!)), but he is deliriously confident in his team right now.

Cliff Lee, Big Willy Style, and an attractive female after the jump

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You Dropped a Bomb on Me……Baby

Bomb Dropper

You gotta love living in 2011.  Forget about the Debt crisis, world famine, humanitarian issues, party politics, and everything else that just seemingly wants to depress the shit out of you, life is good.  In my opinion there has never been a better time to be alive.  Last night I was doing things I never thought I would be able too even five years ago.  Simultaneously I was watching the Phillies in HD from Los Angeles, drinking a delicious micro brew from Nantucket, and listening to the Phish webcast from Lake Tahoe.  Technology is pretty sweet.   You wanna know whats even sweeter?  Cliff Lee going yahtzee off Ted Lilly for his 2nd HR of the year.  Bartledoo(who once used to blog here before he got to big and started focusing on his main gig at mysecretboston.com) and myself were sitting there just admiring the practice cuts that Cliff was taking.

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