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Yes, I Am a Dumbass

I got my swim trunks, and my flippy floppies- give me a break I was on a muthafuckin boat.

Well, I’ve decided to return from my self-imposed hiatus.  After making a ridiculous claim on Friday that the Knicks actually had a chance against the Celtics, I decided to quit for a while.  I know it was a retarded prediction, but I had a moment of weakness while I was fishin and drankin on a boat down in Florida.  Apparently self-deprecating posts are becoming a habit of mine (really I just wanted you to see the picture of Adam Morrison crying again).  Anyway, the Knicks suck, but who can expect them to have been good with Amare and Chauncy hurt (besides my dumb ass, obviously).  That’s like expecting a pizza to be good without cheese and sauce- just not gonna happen.  Maybe next year Knicks fans, maybe next year.  At least we got to see a whole 96 minutes of playoff basketball in the Garden (an astronomical 13.7 minutes per year after a seven-year absence from the playoffs). 

As upsetting as the Knicks’ playoff run (more like crawl) was, the Rangers were even more upsetting because they straight-up blew two overtime games.  In game 1 Marc Staal tried to clear a puck out of the defensive zone, but it ended up on the stick of Alexander Semin, and in the back of the net. 

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Happy Easter Philadelphia

Going back to Miami.

Philly. Tuesday. Game 7.




The Betting Window – April 12th, 2011

If I went 0-5 yesterday, I would’ve contemplated quitting. I didn’t however, so here are your five picks for the day.

Picks are on the left (unless it’s an over/under).

1. @Shakhtar Donetsk vs. FC Barcelona (OVER 2.5 goals)

Barca took the first leg of this UEFA matchup, and Shakhtar is going to have to play very aggressive in order to win the second. If Barca can capitalize on their counterattacks then they might hang up a crooked number today.

2. Chelsea (+235) @Manchester United

This is purely a gut-feeling because I don’t see Chelsea getting swept by Man U. This game will end in a draw the majority of the time, but at +235 this is a really good price to bet a really good team.

3. @Boston Red Sox (Jon Lester) (-175) vs. Tampa Bay Rays (David Price)

Well played Tampa Bay. It’s officially a rivalry now between you and me.

4. Chicago Bulls (-7.5) @New York Knicks

No Amar’e means no dice for the Knickerbockers against arguably the best team in the league. For the Bulls this is a great chance for Joakim Noah to return to form, and I expect him to play some quality minutes.

5. @Portland Trailblazers (-5) vs. Memphis Grizzlies

Love the Trailblazers with Gerald Wallace and hate the Grizzlies. Feels like a lay-up.

Betting lines are provided by Bodog and are accurate at the time of this post.

Championship? Not anytime soon Knicks Fans


OOOOooo baby lets keep the hate flowin today.  About a month ago the Knicks “pulled off” ( I use that term liberally) the trade for Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Buh Buh Buh Buh Billups.  This news sent the social networks abuzz with Knicks fans rejoicing the fact that they just landed one of the top 5 players in the NBA (funny I didn’t know I had so many friends that were Knicks fans until then).  The Knicks were playing solid basketball and experiencing a re-emergence of sorts with the solid play of A’mare Stoudemire and some other guys (note: you couldn’t pay me to watch the NBA so don’t expect me to know any of the hacks on the Knicks).  With the arrival of Melo, everybody in the Big Apple was talking championships(3:40 mark) .  All anyone could talk about was what it would be like to bring a championship back to NY*.  I don’t know what it is about the NBA, maybe it’s the obscene guaranteed contracts, star player is more important than coach mentality, or the fact that some teams throw ridiculous parties in the middle of the summer when they sign two free agents and immediately start saying things like “we are going to win 6 titles” (See Heat, Miami).  This was different though, Melo was coming home.  He dreamed about winning that stupid looking NBA championship trophy his entire life.

I don’t know why that basketball is trying to fit into that coffee cup

Of course as soon as he threw on the Blue & Orange all the Knicks would have to do is show up and they would soon be on parade floats in the canyon of heroes.  Guess what Knicks fans? As im sure you are aware, it’s not exactly going as planned.  5 game losing streak with the latest effort coming up short against the Milwaukee Bucks.  The Bucks?!?!  In the words of Sir Charles “ That is Tuuuurrriiiblle.”  Its has brought a smile to my face though as I now don’t see any new FB status updates, or tweets about the beginning of a new dynasty.  And lets be honest: The less we have to see of Spike lee, the better.

Surprisingly, choosing that hat was NOT the stupidest thing he did today

*Side Note-Bring a championship back to NY? The god damn Yankees have 27 Championships that they “brought back to NY.”  If I ever hear a Knick fan complain about lack of titles, im going to suggest they gargle razorblades.

La La Land

Just to stick with the Phish theme today: You can feel good about hood.

ESPN: Melo Isn’t  Losing Faith, La La Says

Wow.  Really ESPN?  I know you are renowned in the sports news world, but isn’t this something that the blogosphere should be reporting on?  I’m sure fellow Knicks fans can rejoice knowing that La La Vasquez, Carmelo Anthony’s wife, is confident that the Knicks recent four game skid is just an aberration .  The Knicks have now lost seven of their last eight games, and are only 7-10 since trading half of their team for Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups.  Everything is OK in the Knick’s world though because La La says, “I’m not losing faith or confidence and neither is he.”  La La, please remind me, who are you and what do you do?  I have a vague recollection of you being some sort of video jockey on MTV, but my memory is a little hazy.  What I do remember though, is that you do not play small forward for my favorite basketball team.  Whats next?  Defensive reports from Mrs. D’Antoni (she could probably do a better job on the Knicks defense)?  Now I’m not trying to make this a gender thing, because I would much rather talk about the WNBA with Cheryl Miller than Reggie Miller, but this story really makes me worry.  It makes me think that in actuality, Melo misunderestimated* the intense sports atmosphere in New York.  I mean honestly, what is his wife supposed to say, that “Melo cries himself to sleep sleep in my arms every night?”  No wife would sell her husband out like that.  Except maybe this one (start video around the 1:15- 1:30 mark ):

*(yes I know that isn’t a word)

The Daily Drive – March 22nd 2011

The Daily Drive will be a daily (duh) post of all the prominent things going on in the sports world we didn’t cover, and anything else we might want to share with you.  Sorry for this being a little late, wordpress was being funky.

-The Knicks got bloody (get it?) humiliated on their home floor versus the Celtics last night.  They were out scored 33-17 in the fourth quarter and they completely stopped playing defense after a solid first three quarters in which they held the Celtics big 4 to just 18 points.  However in the 4th quarter Rondo, Pierce, Garnett and Allen scored 15.  To add insult to injury Carmelo Anthony got a cut above the eye after running into Rajon Rondo, who then proceeded to trip over a bloodied Anthony when running back down the court.  Melo feels as if the Knicks will be meshing better come the playoffs, but they need to start playing the full 48 minutes.

– Oliver Perez was FINALLY given his walking papers from the Mets.  Since signing a 3 year $36 million dollar contract extension prior to the 2009 season Oli went 3-9 with a 6.81 ERA with exactly 100 walks in 112.1 innings…That isn’t good.  While Perez had a couple of respectable seasons in his career, not being able to throw strikes and pouting like a 6 year old shouldn’t warrant being paid $36 million.  Ladies and Gentlemen your New York Mets!

-Another stud ex-metropolitan was also released yesterday.  Of course I’m talking about the great Luis Castillo whom was quickly snatched up by the Phillies.  Now if Chase is really hurt (which I refuse to believe) and IF Luis hits like .290 (difficult when you can’t hit a ball out of the infield) and plays decent defense (which I doubt is possible due to the fattie factor) of course I’ll love him.  However, the guy is weird as hell and a scumbag…And doesn’t communicate (is that the way we say can’t speak English now a days?) well with his agent apparently.

– The Red Wings-Penguins played a tremendous hockey game last night with the Wings storming back from 4 goals down only to lose in a shootout.  Unfortunately the game was on versus so probably 400 people got to see it.  But hell who wants to watch that when we can watch the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship??? Or the NIT???? C’mon ESPN get the NHL back.

– Lastly it was kind of a dead day in sports yesterday with no March Madness going on so here’s some pictures of Emmy Rossum.  She stars in the show Shameless on Showtime is hot and funny and we like that here at 90on95.com.

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