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Phillies Preview: The Lineup

Good to see you too Chuck

Well it is that time of year again.  The snow is melting, the birds are chirping, Spring is in the air.  The crack of the bat and the snap of the glove legitimately arouses me.  I literally found myself watching a Mets/Nationals spring training game on TV the other night (I was also drinking).  Baseball season means a lot to the scribes on this particular website and we are going to do our damnedest to give you the most accurate preview of the two main squads (Yanks & Phillies) we will be complaining about.  We may even let Joe write something about the Marlins (doubtful).  So without further ado, here is our Phillies Lineup Preview.

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Leaving Ducks on the Pond

MMMHMMM i love me a first pitch fastball....

Well last night was pretty much the result everyone expected out of the premier pitching match up of this young baseball Season.  It just didn’t go according to plan.  The Phillies made Josh Johnson sweat quite a bit in the second and third innings by loading the bases.  Unfortunately they didn’t get any runs out of it.  Two errors, one being mental, by two of the most solid defenders on the team led to a Phillies loss in south Florida last night.

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The Night My Brain Exploded

"OMG J-Roll just loves him some first pitch Swingin!"

Gross is the only way to describe last nights Phillies game. Ian F’n Kennedy looked like Cy Young facing the punch less Phillies offense. All spring training we heard about how “we plan on making adjustments because teams realized how to pitch us last year.” As far as I can tell, the only adjustment that has been made has been Shane Victorino opening his stance about 4 inches. Other than that J-Roll still loves his “I’m gonna swing at the first goddamn pitch and either A. Ground out weakly to 2nd or B. Pop up to the infield.” I mean this guy is our number three hitter and he has TWO RBI’s! Raul Ibanez looks like he just genuinely is aging in dog years. Usually when he is in a slump he’s getting fooled by off speed stuff that he isn’t expecting; now he’s getting blow away by 91mph fastballs a little up in the zone. If im Charlie I sit him for two reason:

"I'm literally this fucking far away from the ball when I swing"

1. His bat speed is atrocious right now

2. His fielding is a joke. He has no range, and throws like a 10 year old girl.

Ryan Howard has had some solid AB’s and is obviously seeing next to nothing close to the strike zone, but he is striking out an obscene amount of times. Now I understand that our offense is without two main cogs in Utley and Werth, but its no excuse why the other members of the starting lineup refuse to change their mentality. With the exception of Placido Polanco, no one on the team makes a mid at bat adjustment. Polanco choked up twice last night and got two of the three Phillies hits. Its fundamental baseball that just doesn’t seem to sink in with this particular batch of hitters. Im sure Charlie is more frustrated than anybody watching this bullshit from the front row every night, but I think it’s about time he goes on a tirade in the clubhouse. Let his squad of overpaid pop-outs understand that their current mentality is not acceptable. Be clear to them that hitting is contagious, all it takes is a single here, a double there and a rally happens and everyone’s confidence is back. It looked like everyone was trying to hit a 6 run homer last night. By simply getting some guys on base, we could have gotten to Kennedy last night. Didn’t happen though, he was as comfortable as a pussy clam out there. Shit needs to change or else we are in serious trouble. PICK IT THE FUCK UP!(Panic button pushed)


“We Like you so much more than Werth!”

(Photo courtesy of philly.com via Ron Cortes)

God I love baseball season.  Down 2 runs in the 9th inning, the Phillies came back and got a win by simply stroking Brandon Lyon’s fastballs puss-balls for singles all over the yard.  Big John Mayberry Jr got the hit that sent the phaithful down at CBP crazy (is it fate that I ordered my lunch from an establishment called Big John’s Deli?!?).  Now being the seasoned fan that I am, I always have some sort of confidence the Phillies will get it done in the latter innings, and today was no different.  Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard got the inning started off right with singles, and after J-Roll stole third, the ‘Stro’s had themselves in a bit of a predicament.  Brandon Lyons was throwing 87 MPH meatballs and the Phightin Phils were not backing down.  After Raul popped out we had consecutive singles from Ben Francisco, Chooch, and Willy Valdez to tie the game up.  And with the bases full, Big John came through.  Great start to the season and guess what?  CLiff Lee is pitching tommorow.  Yup its gonna be tough to sleep tonight.

Trade Howard? Quit hittin the Crack Pipe

“The Big Piece Loves him a Big Philly Cheesesteak from Subway.  Eat Fresh”

Ryan Howard is a lot of things. He is hulking, powerful, witty, charming, and marketable just to name a few.  One thing he is not is patient.  Many across the tri-state area have been on the trade Ryan Howard bandwagon since he arrived in the bigs.  I for one find this idiotic to say the least.  Let me run through a few names of first basemen the Phil’s have had in the past: Rico Brogna, Travis Lee, Kevin Jordan, Chris Pritchett and my personal favorite Pat Burrell.  THOSE WERE ALL JUST IN 2000!  Can you really tell me that you would rather have any of those guys instead of a perennial home run king?  “But he strikes out way too much and he is constantly fooled by off-speed pitches!”  Guess what? Power hitters strike out, this isn’t a news flash.  Ill take 45 homers and 200 k’s a year any day.  As for the off-speed pitches, this guys sees more junk than Cerrano from Major League.  No one in baseball sees less fastballs than him (just ask Jayson Stark he doesn’t lie).  Now was I upset when he was called out looking against the Giants in the NLCS?  You’re goddamn right I was upset.  But would you have rather had Mike Sweeney up there?  The answer is no and will always be no.  I mean this is a guy that had a legitimate chance of breaking Roger Maris’ HR record (yes it is still his) in 2006 and probably would have if anyone on the Marlins had a pair and threw him anything remotely close to the plate.  2011 is the first year of a contract that will pay the big piece a whopping 25 million dollars a year.  That is an obscene amount of money.  Can he live up to that contract?  I don’t think anyone can live up to a contract of that stature.  It isn’t our problem though.  People would call the Phillies ownership cheap for never spending and now they finally have for a legitimate star.  Is there a bad taste in our mouths from last year? Absolutely.  But that isn’t a reason to get rid of one of the main pieces that was here to begin with.

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