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Series Preview: Philadelphia Phillies vs. Seattle Mariners

I was going to title this article, True Life: Recap of the raping of a Marlin in Philadelphia, but I didn’t want to attract people interested in rape stories to 90on95.com….Why the weird logos? Well those are two MLS teams, the Philadelphia Union & Seattle Sounders (Major League Soccer, yes we have that here in the US of A). I searched Philadelphia vs. Seattle and this is what comes up. Not Phillies-Mariners, not Eagles-Seahawks, not Sixers-Super Sonics…oh wait…ouch, touchy subject Seattle, I apologize. But soccer is the first thing that comes up? Really America? I’m a little shocked and sadly I had to leave those boring soccer logos since I couldn’t find any cute Phillies-Mariners pictures.

Anyways, cheers to raping fish, let’s keep it going against the other “M” fish.

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