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Welcome to 90 on 95

No Santa is safe in Philly

Finally it’s here; the moment you’ve all been waiting for!  The Captain and I have wasted countless hours bickering over the broadway/broad street rivalry for years to no avail.  Finally we have created a forum to shamelessly assault those scumbags from our most hated cities.  Whether you spend your lunch break scarfing cheese steaks on South Street or endlessly searching for the best slice in the city, we bring you a fan friendly account of brotherly love from the Ben Franklin to the George Washington.  From the city that booed Santa Claus to the city that will stoop small enough to beat down a lowly kicker, comes the site that will bring together fans from Philadelphia and New York.  Even those annoying hybrids who root for the Phillies in the summer and the Giants in the winter have a place here.  Because just 90 short miles on i95 separate Philly and New York, we bring you 90on95.com: a report on sports, rumors, and humor from city hall to city hall.

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