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The Switch Hitter

I have been following this blog since it launched way back in…..uh…..7 days ago…. and couldn’t help but feel that, with baseball season one week away, there needs to be another Yankee voice to keeps these barely literate Phillies fans in check.

I want to provide a little basis for my forthcoming opions on this blog.  This will be the only time I will explain myself and my allegiances. I am a Philadelphia Flyers, New York Yankees, Philadelphia Eagles fan. I grew up in central New Jersey, just south of the midway point between NYC and Philly. I went to high school with a lot of the contributers on this blog – a school that was a melting pot, to say the least, of sports fandome – Giants, Jets, Eagles, whatever NBA teams are from the tri-state area (don’t care), Yankees, Mets, Phillies, Rangers, Islanders, Flyers – all mixed bags, many swearing allegiance to an eclectic mix of these teams.

Bieber sure knows how to pick em!

Call me what you will about the mix of teams I root for, I’ve heard every synonym for traitor in the dictionary and laugh it off just the same every time. The bottom line is I am a die-hard fan of the teams I support. I didn’t grow up in Philadelphia. I didn’t grow up in New York. None of my family were born in either.  I have no blood allegiance to either city.  I was born in New Jersey. Repeat. New Jersey.

New York Asshole: “How the hell are you a Yankees and an Eagles fan?!? You disgust me!”
Me: “Fuck off, I’m from New Jersey. Go sleep in a pile of trash.”

Philadelphia Asshole: “I don’t get it, you’re all Philadelphia except for the Phillies?!? How do you sleep at night!”
Me: “Fuck off, I’m from New Jersey. And it’s WA-TER, not WOO-DER you dumbass.”

I see the best of both worlds. I can understand (but hate) Philadelphia fans during baseball season, because I know how it is to pride yourself on immense passion, hard work, and getting your uniform dirty to represent a city founded on those principles. I sympathize with (but hate) New York fans during football and hockey seasons, because I know what it feels like  to demand a winning attitude, to demand Championships and settle with nothing less under the most pressure and brightest spotlight in all of sports.

And I sympathize with no one during the NBA season. Because they’re all overpaid and fucking lazy.

More to come.

Bout That Time

Well I think it’s finally time to lose my 90on95.com virginity.  I would have posted something earlier, but I’ve been on a golf trip in Orlando since Thursday doing manly things.  The trip included golfing, drinking, staring at hot women, smoking cigars, more golfing, more drinking, a lot more drinking, throwing up from drinking on Saint Patty’s day, staring at more hot women, well you get the idea just being a man’s man for 4 days.

Anyway I came back from the beautiful mid-80’s weather of Orlando to the miserable rain and coldness of New Jersey today and realized that in 11 days I’ll be sitting in section 204 row 8 of the greatest ballpark in Major League Baseball watching the Phillies start another run towards the post season.

I’m a pretty big Phillies fan for those of you that don’t know me.  I have a huge red Phillies logo tattooed on my arm…….Yup…Seriously I do. I’ve been going to games since I was six years old, I’ve had season tickets in my family for many years and have based many life decisions around my fan hood towards this team.  So that’s what made this last year so tough.  I was sitting in right field during game 6 of the NLCS when Juan “fat” Uribe closed his eyes and flared a Ryan Madson cutter into the first row ofseats to give the Giants a 3-2 lead which would eventually be the final score, ending the Phillies chances at a third straight trip to the World Series.  I was pretty heart broken along with the other 45,000 people sitting in Citizens Bank Park that night.  After seeing Roy Halladay throw a no hitter against the Reds in the NLDS I was sure I’d be watching my team play again in the World Series, but with one swing Juan Uribe ended all those hopes.


Since that game the Phillies world has been on a roller coaster ride.  We were the mystery team and we got Cliff.  Sweet we have 4 aces.  We lost Jayson Werth who may have actually crapped his pants when he saw how much the Nationals were offering him. We now have to rely on Wilson Valdez as the “best beard on the Phillies”.  Dominic Brown goes like 2-1230439032 between winter and spring ball and everyone is freaking out.   Then he breaks some funk bone is hand and is out for 4-6 weeks.  Then Brad Lidge has his normal “I’m throwing 85mph fastballs so I must be hurt” stage.  This was followed by the ongoing knee-gate injury involving Chase Utley.  Who cares though when you have studs like Josh Barfield, Pete Orr, Wilson Valdez and now one of my all-time most hated players ever Luis Castillo to hold to fort down while Chase tries to get out on the field.

So where does that leave this team? Who the hell knows.  All I know is this team has four tremendous starting pitchers, a proven veteran bullpen, a solid 1-8 lineup that can be comparable to any other MLB team, playoff experience and some insane fans to back them up.  Injuries will be key as this team gets older and of course who knows how this season will play out, but I’m excited.  It’s bout that time for baseball to start baby.  I’ll be there Opening Day and for many games following that, but all I can hope for is that I’ll be sitting in Citizens Bank Park come mid-October watching the Phillies back in the World Series where they belong.

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