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Game 5

As I watched Alex Rodriguez strike out to close the book on the Yankess 2011 campaign last night, i felt a eerie sense of caution.  Normally i would have howled with delight that my least favorite player had just blown the season (twice…K with the bases loaded a few innings before).  Normally I would be giving faux masturbatory motions towards all Yankee fans within 5 miles.  Normally I would have sent arrogant text messages to all of my Yankee fan friends illuminating that the reason A-Rod failed was because he missed Kate Hudson and her strap on.  This didn’t happen though for a variety of reasons.  The most important being that I am a nervous wreck.

"Yeah we dont know what you were thinking either Penny Lane"

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The Rivalry


Well I know it has been a long time since this website has seen my elegant, beautiful prose words strung together to form sentences, but nothing will make a man grab his keyboard like the fantastic football rivalry that is the NY football Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles.  Now most of you know that my allegiances are with the boys in green, but it takes two to tango as they say, and the NY giants are the Ying to the Eagles Yang.  The battle between these two teams has everything necessary to form an unmatched rivalry.  Close proximity, rabid drunk fan bases, big play potential, a love of Pork Roll/Taylor Ham.  The Eagles have gotten the best of the G-Men recently running off a string of six wins in a row, none more memorable than this one.  Growing up in Central Jersey I was surrounded by both Eagles and Giants fans, and some of my best friends are genetically flawed support big blue.  This has lead to heated arguments, cheap shots in rough touch football, shit talking of epic levels as well as the shunning of each other after a tough loss.

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Boom goes the Dynamite

Nnamdi Asoughakhkalhkjahs...uhhh were gonna need to come up with a nickname

Well obviously Andy and Howie read my scathing review of their off season plan and decided to make a couple big splashes.  Babin, Rodgers-Cromartie, Cullen, and Nnamdi are now members of one of the top, if not THE top team in the league.  Might be a little early to say that but I don’t give a shit.  The Birds just put the league on notice and they are apparently going “all-in”  this year (side note….shouldn’t you go all in every year?).  I don’t know what it is, but players just seem to want to play with Mike Vick.  Maybe they are all still amazed at his potential, or they love to use him in Madden   His 99 rating is unprecedented.  Either way, I don’t give a rats ass as long as they suit up in the midnight green.

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Eagles sign some hack they cut two years ago

"Tribal Tattoos=Super Bowl Rings"-Andy Reid


Just once in my life I would like to see the Eagles sign a impact free agent that isn’t a douchebag (Terrell Owens) or hurt (Jevon Kearse).  Nobody knew Mike Vick was still a superhuman when they signed him so he doesn’t count.  Its like Andy Reid and Howie Roseman go out of their way to piss me off.  I can just picture Andy sitting there squirting cheese wiz in his mouth while Howie Roseman is frantically trying to use baseball saber metrics to analyze potential free agents.

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DeSean Jackson might hold out

That's Andy's "O" face

DeSean Jackson is one of the most dangerous athletes in all of professional sports.  He can change the landscape of a game with a single play (See Giants game, 12/19/10).  He is drastically underpaid at $600,000 this year and is looking for that bank breaking contract.  He previously couldn’t renegotiate because of the NFL’s 30% rule which limited the ability of NFL franchises to renegotiate contracts with players that were outperforming them…or something like that.  D-Jack is looking for that BALLER contract so that he can be seen as one of the premier wideouts in the game.  Problem is….he isn’t.

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The Daily Drive

The Daily Drive will be a daily (duh) post of all the prominent things going on in the sports world we didn’t cover, and anything else we might want to share with you. However, if you want to see the magazines we found in Roy’s dad’s closet, it’s going to cost you 5 bucks a page.

-Over the weekend, during the Rangers/Guins game, Matt Cooke decided to end his own season early by elbowing Ryan McDonagh, clearly aiming for his head. Cooke was suspended today for the 10 remaining games on the season, and the first round of the playoffs. Greg Wyshynski wonders aloud whether or not that is enough for this repeat offender. (via Puck Daddy)

– Ovechkin NOT in tonight vs. the Flyers, taking a few extra days off to heal himself for the playoffs. (via WashingtonCapitals.com)

-On Saturday, Anthony Robles (yeah yeah, I know what that rhymes with too, nothing to see here, move along) won the National Championship in his weight-class, 125 lbs, and he only has one leg. That’s pretty fucking awesome. On Saturday I sat at a wedding and drank, and gave my girlfriend a hard time both the times I actually got up to dance. At least I’m not this kid in Iowa who didn’t want to wrestle a girl last month. Sure looks like kind of a douche bag now.

-If you’re wondering why I haven’t mentioned the NCAA tourney, it’s because I’m out of my pool, and now the event is dead to me until next year.

-Oh man, but I cannot wait until the Yankee’s reveal who will be their backup catcher come opening day. The good money is Jesus Montero getting the nod over Austin Romine, but I still like the possibility of Jorge Posada coming out of retirement so he can piss on his hands before games. No seriously, he did that. You gotta think him and Alou called each other once after the story broke, if not than to just compare methods. “No way, main, I like to just let my arms dangle ese, and just rock back and forth and let it spray. Oh main, Jorge I’ve got to call you back holmes, I’m so sleepy.” Moises Alou is hispanc, right? What’s that? He was born in Georgia? Why yes, he is quite well spoken.

-Did anyone else catch the finale of Big Love on HBO last night? I totally knew Bill Pullman’s Paxton’s character was going to get shot all season long. Oh right, SPOILER ALERT DON’T READ ANYTHING PAST THIS!

-The Eagles website has a two part interview with the coaching staff up on it’s website, including 12 minutes with Andy Reid. Honestly I needed to get this article out so I just fast forwarded to the last two minutes, but it was just white noise.

-And finally, the Barry Bonds federal perjury trial is set to start. Yeah, I forgot all about it, too.

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