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The Tim Parker Super Bowl Post

The Super Bowl Yayyyy!!!!! Nothing beats seeing two teams I absolutely despise play each other in the biggest game of the season. Thanks to Tim Tebow using the power of the almighty Jesus Christ he beat a rapist and gave Tom Brady and his Pats had an easy road to the Super Bowl (did any one honestly think Shane Joe Falco Flacco could take a team to the Super Bowl???). Then there’s the Giants. They have been playing PERFECT football the past five weeks. Yes, perfect, much like the Patriots record in 2008 going into Super Bowl 42 against the same New York Giants. Despite my hatred for both these teams it should be an exciting game. Even if it isn’t I’ll have at least 40 buffalo wings and 24 Budweisers so I’ll be a winner come Sunday.

On to the keys to winning Super Bowl 46

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NFL Picks: Week 12

No more turkey until next year. I am still disappointed with my performance, only two plates? Really Tim? Ugh. On to the picks.

Buffalo (+9.5) NY Jets

I blew up and picked the Jets in survivor this week which means there’s a 98% chance they lose. If Mark Sanchez throws another pick he should be taken out behind the barn. I hate him. However, the Bills are a train wreck and with Freddy Jax dead they don’t have a prayer against a pissed off Jets team. Jets 23 Bills 13

Cleveland (+7.5) Cincinnati

::insert weekly why the hell did I draft Peyton Hillis saying here:: Bengals 27 Browns 10

Carolina (-3.5) Indianapolis

Cam Newton really doesn’t like losing. He had a great quote about his thoughts on the Lions game.

“I think we put on a clinic on how to lose a game”

Now if that doesn’t seem like an upset/confused man then I don’t know what does. Welcome to the NFL Cammy, you don’t get to play Youngstown State anymore, every game in the NFL is tough….. Unless your playing the Colts. Panthers 34 Colts 13

Minnesota (+9.5) Atlanta

It’s getting real close to Sunday, speed picks!!! Falcons 24 Vikings 10

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