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Playoff Ruminations

Just some playoff thoughts I’ve been having…

New York Rangers = New York Knicks

Just like their hardwood counterparts, the New York Rangers are showing their true colors. While the New York Knicks problems seem to be stemming from one source (Re: Anthony, Carmelo.), the Rags are choking as a team. When you really think about it, there is no reason the Rangers shouldn’t be up 3-1 in this series. The Game 1 OT loss was the result of a poor  defensive breakdown. The result of Game 4 was just downright ugly. Forget how super star Marian Gaborik and super star Henrik Lundqvist managed to pull a move out of a “Three Stooges” episode (my vote for Larry is of course, Sean Avery) on the game winning goal. The fact that the Capitals were allowed back into a game, a game where they saw a one-goal deficit turn into three in 7 seconds.  A game where the crowd was absolutely electric. Instead of turtling and taking it on the chin, returning home to a best of 3 series with the advantage, the Capitals showed something about themselves we had been waiting for years for them to reveal. With that fire, they made it clear they weren’t going to falter again in the first round. I don’t see the Rags having a chance in Game 5.

The Big Red Machine rolls on

Just another first-round win for the most consistent team in hockey. Just like the Atlanta Braves of the last two decades, it seems like every year I think this team is going to have a bad season, that their age and unwillingness to overhaul a roster would bite them in the ass. And every year I’m wrong. Sure, they didn’t have much of an opponent in Phoenix, but it’s just in typical Detroit fashion to have an easy round. The Red Wings next opponent will be either the Ducks, the Preds, or the Sharks. The only team that scares me there is the Sharks, and even then I think this Detroit team is Western Finals bound. If any team is going to upset Vancouver, it’s this team.

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The Thing About Henrik

I had this red blanket in college, all five years (hi mom!), and it brought me a lot of good. It was warm in the winter time, and yet not insufferable when the weather turned. Girls loved it and I’d like to think it was what kept them hanging around a little longer in the morning (that and the free weed.) It was incredibly soft, like an Oliver Perez fastball, and no matter how many times I washed it (“you pissed the bed again??”) it never lost that first time softness. You could almost say it was the perfect blanket. However I’ll be the first to tell you that underneath that mountain of softness, there was one problem with that blanket: it was too comfortable. The blanket was so good at keeping in your warmth and making you feel like you were nestled inside Brian Wilson’s beard (that’s two baseball references in a hockey post, it must be close to Opening Day.) The problem with this was that you never wanted to get out from under that blanket, it was like your own personal heaven. I can confidently say that that blanket was responsible for at least a third of all the classes I missed during college. It was a double edged sword. So comfortable you can’t help but get inside, yet too comfortable you didn’t want to leave. Like the world’s best vagina. Many of my roommates would come back from class to find me nestled in that blanket, sleeping in my very own Disney Land. “Red blanket kept you from class again today, huh,” Captain Dan would shout, before we’d fire up the Fifa and take a few waterfalls. The blanket was the best thing to happen to me, and at the same time, the worst.

That brings us to Henrik Lundqvist, goaltender extraordinaire for the New York Rangers. In 61 games this year, he has a career record 11 shutouts, with 6 games left.  Yes those 11 shutouts also lead the league. His goals against and save percentage aren’t to shabby either, a modest 2.24 and .924 respectively, also both career bests should they hold. The Rags are currently in a playoff race, his goaltending no doubt a huge contributor as they are 5th in goals allowed in the league. All this while on pace to play in the least amount of games in a season in his career since his rookie year, when he played 53. So to speak, Henrik Lundqvist is on pace for a MVP worthy year, which brings us to his team: The New York Rangers.

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