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Thursday Power Rankings

Jerry Sandusky just missed the cut!

1. The New Penn State Coach

While the news of Joe Paterno’s immediate firing may have been a shock to some of you, especially some of you older folks, it looks like the Nittany Lions vacant coaching position just became the most coveted seat in sports. If your idea of a coveted seat is the pilot’s in a crashing jet plane. Let’s fire off a quick round of potential applicants:

  • Roman Polanski – He is an Oscar winning director so he can handle the leadership the head coaching job demands. Also he’s been accused of raping 12 year old girls, which should hopefully knock that “homo” tag Penn State has hanging over their heads.
  • Graham James – He was the former Junior Coach (think Canada’s college hockey, with less books and more pussy. Considerably less books. Like, none.) of Theo Fleury who taught Theo how to score at a young age. Hockey ain’t football, but most 10 year old’s assholes are in the same place.
  • Pete Carroll – Fuck you, Pete.

2. The Philadelphia Flyers

Not necessarily because of the results they’ve been getting, but the way they handled Tampa Bay’s trap defense was pure comedy. Rather than attack the 1-3-1 Devil’s-esque neutral zone trap, the Flyers were content at staying back behind their blue line, goading the Bolts and showing the Tampa crowd just how boring hockey can be!

God dammit guys, this is why were aren’t on ESPN!

3. Jorge Posada

Posada has finally seen the light, and will no longer be a member of the New York Yankees. That probably also means he won’t be a member of Major League Baseball. No one is going to pay for garbage player like that, are they? ::debates between throwing up picture of NY Mets logo or Chicago Cubs, remembers favorite team will soon be called Miami Marlins and is interviewing Jose Reyes, weeps::

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Five More Games

Hey New York Yankees fans: Keep your heads up, things could be worse.

You could have lost to a team that didn’t have the pitcher who will win the Cy Young and (should but) won’t win the MVP award.

You could have stopped playing baseball in September like 24 other teams did.

You got to watch your team play 167 games this season, not 162 like the Boston Red Sox. I’m no math major but I’m pretty sure you’ve got the bigger number.

You’ve got an exciting young pitcher (Nova) who got to experience losing the right way: in the playoffs.

At least no more Jorge, right?

You may not like your manager, but hey at least he’s not as bat shit crazy as Robin Ventura.

Another season, another opportunity for A-Rod to suffer a career-ending injury so he won’t have to bat in season-ending situations.

The Knicks won’t be playing in late October either.

So keep your chins up, Yankees fans. Seriously. The only thing more annoying than a bragging Yankees fan is a mopey one.

Let’s go Cards.

Bronx Bombers

The Grandy Man Can

So what’s more unusual then an earthquake hitting New York City? Three Grand Slams in one game. Yesterday the Yankees were the first team in MLB history to hit 3 Grand Salami’s in one game (something that shitty team 90 minutes south has never done). Cano, Martin, and Granderson were the 3 players to take it deep for the New York Yankees on this record setting day. The Yankees fell behind early, 7-1, before they came roaring back to avoid the sweep from the A’s (really the Yanks almost got swept by the A’s, great playoff push guys). The Yanks realized that they probably were not going to be playing a lot of baseball this weekend because of Hurricane Irene so they decided to score all their runs in one game. Russell Martin went 5 for 5 with 2 HR’s and Derek Jeter saw his batting average reach .300 for the first time in forever for one AB before he struck out and went back down to .299.

While everything went well for the Yanks offense, the pitching was still a problem. Phil Hughes allowed 7 runs on 6 hits in 2 2/3 innings. He needed 78 pitches just to get 8 outs which made the Yanks use much of their bullpen before they start a series against Baltimore of 5 games in 4 days. The Yankees are trying to figure out their rotation for the playoffs and it started to look pretty solid with the way that Nova and Hughes have been pitching, but after this outing it makes you wonder. Hopefully its just a bump in the road for Hughes just like it was for Nova when he gave up 7 runs to the Royals before he pitched a solid game against the Twins. There is no way that the Yankees can rely on AJ Burnett, the guy is a scrub. I still have no idea why the Yankees try to protect this guy while they throw Jorge under the bus.

Speaking of Jorge he is now challenging Robinson Cano for his starting position at 2nd base. Giradi said that because they were up by so many runs before Grandy’s Grand Slam he was going to put Russell Martin in at 2nd base, but Jorge convinced him otherwise. Jorge told him that if the Yanks scored two more runs he was going in at 2nd and not Russell. As soon as Granderson hit it, Posada ran and grabbed his glove and for the first time in his MLB career he played 2nd base (Posada played 2nd base while he was coming up in the minor leagues with the Yankees). Posada also made the last play of the game by fielding a grounder, hopping on one foot/crow hop, and gunned it……..straight into the ground where Swisher made a nice scoop for the final out (Because the Yanks were dominating the Yankees fielded an All-Star caliber infield of Chavez at 3rd, Nunez at Short, Posada at 2nd, and Swish-a-lish at 1st). If you haven’t seen the play click the link below for a good chuckle.


Summer is coming in the Bronx

Jeter needs only 12 hits to become the 28th member of the 3000 hit club

It’s starting to get hot in the Bronx.  Amid blistering heat Derek Jeter entered last night’s game against the Red Sox needing only 14 hits to join 27 other baseball immortals in the much-coveted 3000 hits club.  The Yankees kicked off a 10 game home-stand with a 6-4 loss to the Red Sox, however Jeter managed to inch 2 hits closer to the milestone.  Everyone east of the Mississippi knows that Jeter would love to get 12 more hits in the next 9 games and break the record at home.  The problem with this (besides Jeter’s sluggish start to the ’11 campaign) is that he has 2 more games against the Sox, 4 against the Indians, and 3 against Texas.  All three of these teams are either in 1st place or tied for 1st in their division.  The only silver lining is the next four starters the Yanks will face are just a combined 10-12 this season.  Jeter has been my horse since I started watching baseball, and I’m still betting on him crossing the finish line before the team plane departs for Chicago.

On another note, last night’s game reminded me of something I read about Jorge Posada several years ago- he hates to DH.  Posada came in for an injured Mark Teixeira and went 3-3 with a RBI, run and a walk.  Why was I, like everyone else, expecting Posada to have a decent year hitting?  It goes against everything he ‘s said in his career.  The dude has been a straight up leader on the field for the last decade, which he feeds off of when hitting.  Why would that change after so many years in the league?  Not gonna happen, and last night was proof.  Unfortunately (well… maybe not) Teixeira is just too good in the field and behind the plate to call for Posada getting any reps at 1st.

AJ Burnett (6-3) is up against Tim Wakefield (2-1)  Tex says his knee is fine and he wants to play.  We will see soon enough.  Since joining the Yankees, Burnett is 0-7 with a 8.33 ERA against the Sox.  Should be interesting.

P.S.- Papi- don’t fucking flip the bat you busch-league scumbag.  Girardi- If you don’t want Papi to flip the bat then stop putting in shitty pitchers that are gonna give him meatballs.  I’d say have AJ retaliate tonight, but we all know that no one can control what that man does.

The Daily Drive – 5/17/2011

The Daily Drive is a daily (duh) post of all the prominent things going on in the sports world we didn’t cover, and anything else we might want to share with you. Like how to win a sword fight. I’ve been watching lots of Game of Thrones, my technique is flawless.

– Speaking of Game of Thrones, HBO has another tremendous show. Here’s a clip from the last episode of a guy chopping a horse’s head off, if that doesn’t make you want to watch then I don’t know what will.

– Sad day for baseball as Harmon Killebrew passed away. He played before any of us were born, but he had some ridiculous stats and was known as one of the better people in baseball, RIP.

– New York, New York. The Yankees lost their sixth…SIXTH?!?! straight game, falling into a three-way tie for 2nd place in the AL East. AJ Burnett blew up, and Jorge Posada said he wanted to leave the Yankees due to all the controversy surrounding his day off the other night. Almost as bad a day as the Mets had, who lost 2-1 in 11 innings when Marlins reliever Burke Badenhop got a game winning two-out single. Typical New York night I guess.

– Last night the Phillies offense sucked, the umpire’s strike zone was the size of a triscuit, and all objects around my house no matter of cost are officially in danger of being broken every time I watch the Phillies.

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The Daily Drive – 5/16/2011

The Daily Drive is a daily (duh) post of all the prominent things going on in the sports world we didn’t cover, and anything else we might want to share with you. Like our Playstation Network password. Because what are the odds?

-The “Halladay is Human” party continues, as the Braves bested the Phillies for the series win on Sunday. Cliff Lee takes the mound tonight as Philadelphia visits the St. Louis Cardinals.

-Man, bad weekend to be a New York Yankee. First they get swept at home by the Sawx, first time since April 2004. Now there’s all this hoopla around Jorge Posada refusing to bat ninth and removing himself from the lineup.   Derek Jeter is doing his best to quell the situation. And now they’ve got a big series against the Tampa Bay Devil Sunshine Rays where they will look to close the gap they fell into over the weekend.  As always, ten reasons the Yankees should be nervous. Reason #1? The world is ending this Saturday, duh!

-Josh Johnson and the Fish take on the New York Mets tonight at the Shea Stadium Shitty Citi Field. The Mets will be without David Wright for some time, because of a stress fracture in his lower back. I’ll be at the game tomorrow, so no Drive tomorrow guys.

Jwoww, Camels, Ochocinco, and the Greatest Beards of 2011, after the jump. Read more of this post

Three Major Problems that face the Yankees

The Yankees need The Captain to start swinging the bat better

The 2011 MLB season is still in the early stages of infancy, but three World Series contenders have already identified major flaws in their championship dreams.  The Red Sox are in the bottom third in the league in four major pitching categories: Earned Run Average (30th), Quality Starts (29th), Walks/Hits per Inning Pitched (28th), and Batting Average Against (26th).  The big difference between the Sox and the Yankees was supposed to be the starting rotation.  So far that has not been the case for the Sox.  The Tampa Bay Rays have only scored 36 runs in 11 games, a measly 3.27 run per game average.  Take into account that the Rays scored 25 runs in two games (yes that’s only 11 runs in the other 9 games) and it becomes clear how badly their offense is struggling.  Some help is one the way.  Evan Longoria will come off the disabled list by the end of April.  However, Manny Ramirez has decided to “retire” and “travel the world” amid another drug scandal.  Without Ramirez the Rays will have issues scoring runs all season.  That leaves us with the New York Yankees, my pick to win the AL East.  Let’s take a look at three major problems that face the Yankees early in the 2011 season.

#1: Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada

Much was made about the offseason saga between Derek Jeter and the Yank’s front office.   Well maybe Brian Cashman didn’t play hardball quite hard enough.  Read more of this post

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