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NHL 2011-12 Season Preview (EASTERN CONFERENCE)

Before we get down to the nitty gritty, I probably owe you guys some sort of apology. I sort of went AWOL after entry four in my “So You’ve Decided to Buy a New Jersey” and found myself lacking the creative drive to keep blogging. It didn’t help that baseball is probably more boring than deciding which kind of milk to buy, and Papa Bear has a strict “No Soccer Posts” rule. So for a month I found myself wandering around the internet aimlessly, lost in it’s sea of cat videos and nipple slips. But like a Phoenix, all I needed was a little fire to kick start this engine. Papa Bear figured out how to use his twitter (effectively), Captain Dan started texting me all of Jaromir Jagr’s recent moves that I fear he may actually be stalking the Czech Native, and TimmyP and myself started battling in NHL12 (one word review: fuckingawesome) that I found myself wanting to get back on that horse and start blogging. Oh and Papa Bear sent me a text that if I don’t write anything soon he’s going to kick me off the payroll (McDonalds coupons.) And hockey’s back guys. HOCKEY!

Team previews, playoff predictions, and players to watch, after the jump.

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So You’ve Decided To Buy A New Jersey (Pt. 2)

This is my five part series in how to buy a sports jersey. I didn’t plan for it to be a series, but like your Mom didn’t exactly plan for you, these things happen. Also, I’M BACK! Click here for Part 1

Rule #4: Beware the Hero

Your team has been in the gutter for a few seasons now. Ever since your perennial goalie/1st basemen/ point guard/ kicker left the team/retired/got arrested your team just hasn’t had the same identity, the same pizzaz, the same, chutzpah,  if I’m talking about Sandy Koufax. You keep telling yourself this season is going to be different, but you know it’s just going to be loss after loss, reviled by the critics as a team fading, trying to recapture it’s glory years. Then, like a Phoenix in what should of been a better version of X-Men 3, a hero emerges. Sometimes he’s a free agent signing, meant to just get your team above the salary cap and because the laws of the game say you need two goalies. Sometimes he’s a waiver wire pick up, who goes on to shake and/or bake your team to the playoffs. Months ago you were saying “Who is this guy?”, but now you’re calling him the next coming of Patrick Roy, something your old college roommate won’t let you forget. Without the hero, this would have been another lost season. You pick up his jersey after you complete your unsuccessful, but unwarranted and appreciated playoff run. You will forever immortalize him in the comic book that is your life.

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