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Shit That has happened since I Last Posted




Well well well…..it has been quite a while since I have had the motivation to write anything in this space and I really don’t have any excuses except that I am lazy as a sloth.  Just to bring you up to speed here are a few of the highlights/lowlights in my life since my last post on March 13th 2012.

Chase Utley and Ryan Howard missed half a season

Cole Hamels Made a lot of money

We made it through the Rapture

Mike Trout became my new man crush (Sorry Chase)

Everyone picked the Eagles to go to the Superbowl

Claude Giroux made Sidney Crosby his Bitch

The Devils continued to ruin hockey with the Zone Trap

I blacked out from Heat Exhaustion at work

I took a party bus to a Phish show

Jeff Carter and Mike Richards won the Stanley Cup

I got sloppy drunk on a flight to San Francisco and spilled a full Vodka Club in my lap…over nebraska

The Phillies tried to not suck after the all-star break

Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence got traded

Cliff Lee finally won a game

Mitt Romney said he hated 47% of america

Barack Obama said government built everything

Andy Reid’s son died at training camp

Andy Reid was given a standing ovation at a pre-season game

Andy Reid was booed relentlessly all season long

R.A Dickey, a knuckleballer, won the Cy Young

Roger Clemens was acquitted of perjury

The San Francisco Giants won the World Series

Eli Manning reverted back to the shitty quarterback that we all knew he was

Mike Vick got hurt….often

Juan Castillo got fired…cried openly and often about it

Jason Babin got released

Jim Washburn was insubordinate

Nick Foles led a fourth quarter comeback against the Buc’s

The Sixers traded for NJ native Andrew Bynum

Andrew Bynum can’t play because his knees age in dog years

The NHL got locked out…again

A Hurricane destroyed several parts of NJ beyond repair and ruined thousands of people’s lives

I lost power because of said Hurricane for 11 days (not nearly as awful as losing home/life/property/business but it sucked BIG BALLS nonetheless)

Chris Christie hugged Barack Obama and made everyone in the GOP mad

I saw Phish 9 times

The Eagles legitimately just stopped trying

The Phillies traded for Michael Young and Ben Revere

The Phillies traded Vance Worley

The Mayan’s lied to us

and most importantly the Eagles Fired ANDY REID

Then hired some college coach who goes for it on 4th down all the time.


So as you can see…not a lot happened. But now that I’m back, im here to document it all.





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